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Friday, October 1, 2010


ive been having problems with camtasia with codec error and search to many forums even to techsmith forum the official forum of camtasia but none of their techs have the solution so i thought my own solution here its very simple.

This problem occurs when you try to import an audio to camtasia and gives you the error NO CODEC AVAILABLE TO RENDER THIS FILE.
I have tried downloading different kinds of codecs but none worked for me. so here it is.

The trick is converting your your audio file to mp3..i know some of your file is already mp3 but trust me this works.

download TOTAL AUDIO CONVERTER http://fileml.com/2g968b

instructions are already included in the file and it is already crack.

your good to go

Saturday, August 21, 2010

President Obama defends mosque near Ground Zero

In a White House event marking the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Obama defended the right of Muslims to a 13-story cultural center and mosque in Cordoba house built into a stone's throw from Ground Zero appointed. Since the news was known about this project, the various groups and politicians vigorously against the project. Sarah Palin has emerged as the project is a stab in the heart of the families of the victims of 11.9. Newt Gingrich said the former president Bill "a confirmation of Islamic triumphalism." Manifesting A sign read: "Islam is founded mosque, instead of his conquests."

The U.S. president has approved the project in the presence of members of Congress, government officials and diplomats said that the clear rejection of the project, not with the U.S. commitment to religious freedom. The President stressed that the objectors had avoided mentioning that the project would in fact not far from the Holy Ground Zero and the private sector depends on local laws. The President also said that America welcomes people of all faiths to live in the country and the law treats all religious groups equally. Therefore, he said, the project must have clearance from the competent authorities and other projects of a religious community in the United States.

The White House had originally reluctant to participate in a highly sensitive issue. He had left the local authority in a New York developer has announced plans for the project and the controversy immediately erupted. Among the few political notables who did not oppose the project was the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. After initial hesitation, the project has Obama with a clear understanding of what the U.S. represents and the values it preaches supported in his contacts with the international community. He said that the United States on religious tolerance, which it of its "enemies", and is based on tolerance, the project should be formally approved.

It was one in particular that the support of the President of the mosque at Ground Zero made, refreshing and full of promise. To his audience at the White House said the president, "the cause of Al-Qaeda is not Islam ... It is a gross distortion of Islam." In the days, months and years, until President Bush left office eliminated, the United States and its allies rallied al-Qaida, Islam and all Muslims of the world into one, so that is responsible for 3,000 deaths in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In Afghanistan and Iraq, thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children pay the price because the Bush administration believed that the followers of Islam have for the actions of a few dozen Al-Qaida to pay. At the height of insensitivity, his government has described the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims as "collateral damage". Looking back in hindsight, these days, one can not draw conclusions from giving many unfortunate reference President Bush, the word "crusade," which drew on the media to his first reaction to 9 / 11.

For years this was not the Iraqis and Afghans who have called every day for the crimes of Al Qaeda. The name "Mohammed", as millions of Muslims around the world use as their name has become a nuisance to travel in the United States, and for those who live in this country. Another name "Abu" was also suspicious because some of the 9 / 11 hijackers "Abu" as his name. Even children were detained and interrogated at airports that have a name. Very few Muslims have flown in the United States and subject to the country since 9 / 11 without fear that security checks had a nightmare journey. The sad aspect of dealing with these nightmares is the fact that the Muslim world was deeply hurt and angered by the events of 11.9. Many Muslim countries support the U.S. and its allies attacked Afghanistan in search of al-Qaida.

Last June, delivered Obama's historic speech in Cairo extends from the United States' friendship with the Muslim world in an attempt to deep divisions that his predecessor between the West and had been inserted was overcome Islam, as if to Professor Huntington's prophecy about can the clash of civilizations. the beginning of 1990 the Harvard political scientist, was developed the thesis that in the cold after the war, the cultural identity and religious people would be the main source of conflict. Under President Bush, it seemed inevitable that the began the clash of civilizations, a shock that has serious potential consequences for the world. With President Barack Obama, predicting the end of the world seems to have been avoided. Recently he his campaign promise fulfilled to the U.S. occupation of Iraq by providing Iraqis Iraq to end. Although he was forced to increase troops in Afghanistan, was forced to accept his recommendation Commanding General McCrystal Afghanistan to fight against a resurgent Taliban. He has recently released, and by General Petraeus, who as commanding general of the multinational forces in Iraq, has been credited with changing the course in this country. In Iran, the President kept his promise, a solution to the nuclear issue to be found through negotiations, the process is slow off the preparations of his predecessors for a military intervention made there.

Obama is the fulfillment of promises to those who are simply not the United States but the world especially the Muslim world, hoping to win his election to the White House. On the question of Palestine has not yet responded to the expectations of the Muslims. But they know they could do the right thing for the solution of the Palestinian cause in the end, namely to ensure they are free and have a state with Jerusalem as its capital. For now, the Muslims, his position assured to the mosque at Ground Zero, expect that his government can not fairly and treated simply as a victim of a Muslim are.

The President of the assistance was expected to fight parliamentary elections will be in three months and the Democrats. He shall advance the principles of ethics and politics that does not improve its credibility with the Muslims, but also his stature as a statesman in the world.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to remove Recycle Bin from windows desktop

Guide on how to remove the Recycle Bin icon from your windows xp desktop.

I'd like to remove my recycle bin icon just because i don't like it haha!

Reasons why you should remove the bin icon:

  • your not using to store deleted items(then it has no use)
  • you have an desktop image and you don't want anything on top of it
A known fact is that the lesser files/icons on your desktop is the faster your computer is

What ever your reason maybe this small guide will surely help you.

can be done on windows xp or vista/windows 7

Go to Start menu
type Regedit on the box
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/explorer/Desktop/NameSpace
look for the recycle bin string on the right side , Hit delete and Ok

You should now restart your computer for it to take effect.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

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camote here...

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

WW\OSETUP.DLL digital signature does not validate or is not present

"WW\OSETUP.DLL digital signature does not validate or is not present"

I have encountered this one while trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 on my XP professional.
And as always no answer from Microsoft. I emailed them and they said that they would help me for $200. WTH!

After countless hours of searching on google i have found out i was not alone . There are many people who are having the same problem.

There are solutions on google that says "extracting the iso file", "Mounting it on virtual drive" and so on. But none of it work for me.

Since microsoft is not helping me i've decided to download a new Office 2007 on torrent. And still no luck its the same annoying popup "WW\OSETUP.DLL digital signature does not validate or is not present". Also i have tried it on my vista laptop and still the same problem.

Ive read somewhere that something is wrong in my registry so i tried cleaning my registry and it worked like a charm.

Here is my own solution for this problem:

1. download "regcure" google it.

2. run the software

3. Do a restart

4. install your Microsoft Office

5. wait for 10-15 mins and your done!

If you need an registered RegCure software leave a comment with your email and i will you give you a download link.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cannot copy large files to USB that still has free space

ex: Situation:
I have a game installer about 5gig of file size.
My flash drive has 8gig of free space and newly formatted.

I cannot copy large files such as ISO files in to my usb/flash/pen drive/disk even if my usb drive still has large free space available. It keeps saying "DISK MEMORY FULL".

1st Possible Solution:
**WARNING** this will erase all of your files in your usb drive. Format your computer by doing right click on your drive then choose format. A new box will pop-up check quick format on format options. Wait for it to finish.

Explanation: Maybe your USB has viruses inside it that is eating up the memory space.

2nd Possible Solution:
Formatting your USB this way. This kind of formatting will not erase any files inside your USB.
On windows RUN command type "CONVERT X: /FS:NTFS" where X is the drive letter of your USB. A box will Pop-up with writing on it wait for it to finish or close it self.
You can now copy large files on your USB drive.

2 kinds of format on drive:
1. FAT32
Most USB are FAT32 on default format. FAT32 has a limit of 4gig file size. That's why you will format your USB using this "CONVERT X: /FS:NTFS" to convert it to NTFS which can handle very large files.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Burn Dvd's Using Nero

As requested by Kimbo a dummies step by step guide on burning DVD's. LOL!
use this software instead CLICK HERE So far for me nero 6 is the best nero ever and easiest to use.

After you have finished installing nero follow these steps.

Before you start make sure you have inserted a BLANK dvd first and I suggest burning AVI files it has more quality but has bigger file size.

1. Make sure this option is DVD.

2. Point your mouse to icon A the notepad next click make data dvd B.

3. Adding files to be burned.

Click the add button. Browse for your file add it and click button finished.

4. How many files/dvd's can you burn.

A: this is how much your file size is.
C: Limit how much your dvd can contain.
B: Click next.

5. Final Step.

A: Change DVD name if you want to.
B: Click BURN. your done!

Depending on the size of the file you've just added it usually takes 10 - 30mins before the burning process is finished.

Burning movies to disc is an act of piracy i am not held responsible for any use of this tutorial this is for self and educational purpose only i thank you bow!