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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Burn Dvd's Using Nero

As requested by Kimbo a dummies step by step guide on burning DVD's. LOL!
use this software instead CLICK HERE So far for me nero 6 is the best nero ever and easiest to use.

After you have finished installing nero follow these steps.

Before you start make sure you have inserted a BLANK dvd first and I suggest burning AVI files it has more quality but has bigger file size.

1. Make sure this option is DVD.

2. Point your mouse to icon A the notepad next click make data dvd B.

3. Adding files to be burned.

Click the add button. Browse for your file add it and click button finished.

4. How many files/dvd's can you burn.

A: this is how much your file size is.
C: Limit how much your dvd can contain.
B: Click next.

5. Final Step.

A: Change DVD name if you want to.
B: Click BURN. your done!

Depending on the size of the file you've just added it usually takes 10 - 30mins before the burning process is finished.

Burning movies to disc is an act of piracy i am not held responsible for any use of this tutorial this is for self and educational purpose only i thank you bow!


  1. Wow! Thats great! I havent tried it yet because I previously downloaded a trial of Nero 9 and it looks nothing like this. Thanks a lot, you are awesome!

  2. Thanks for giving step by step guide on burning DVD's.The images that you gave explains the things very well.These are easy to follow.Which company of DVD you suggest according to quality.