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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Partitioned,external drives not showing up

Some partitions are not being showed when you have just done a complete format or had a new installed OS on a computer. Depends on what kind of Os you are using , Some wont show your partitions automatically.

This steps can also be applied if your external drives are not showing when its plug in.

This is a common problem for newly formatted computers. Here is the simple solution.

Go to your Start Menu
And go to Run
Type "compmgmt.msc" on space provided without the quotes.

A new box will pop up. On the left bottom corner look for Disk Management and double click it. Here you will see all of your partitions and external hard drives that is connected on your computer. Choose the one that you are looking for.

For your drive to be showed you must first right click the drive and choose a letter for it. By doing a right click on the new drive you can eithter choose to format,delete,change properties,explore or change its drive letter.

Your should be able to see your drives now.

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