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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Windows 7 Serial

After almost a month of using windows 7 on my laptop i was really amazed on how fast it is compared to vista. I plan to keep using it on my laptop for a long time, I was already getting used to see the fish everyday. But then suddenly comes out this message that i got only 1 more day to activate my windows. I've got two options 1st is reformat my computer, no way im going to reformat my computer every 30days. And the 2nd one is to find some kind of a serial or a patch.

After hours and hours of searching google for some patch i finally found a working one Orbits30's windows 7 activation patch for any kind of Os version.

Its very easy to use download here

Maky sure you run it as an administrator and disable UAC. There are many things you can do to with this software you just have to choose from them.

Software was made by ORBIT30 all credits go to him.


  1. Good Day!
    Bro, can you email me a copy of it? The link is dead... please..... reynanlb@ymail.com

  2. stupid gmail thinks the software is a virus hence not letting me send you the software. Instead ive posted a new link. If it gets deleted i will post another one again.

    Good luck

  3. Thabks for sharing the patch .I am also using Windows vista on my sony Viao laptop. It really feel great using it I used Vista for only one month and feel tha Windows 2007 experience is far better than that.I was searching for this patch.